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Custom design

You can create your virtual lock by picking from multiple padlock designs, paint it in various colors and engrave your message on.


We have prepared few virtual locations, inspired by real places, where you can find a spot on the fence to put your lock.


As with the physical love locks, these ones are also publicly available. You place a lock and share it with love ones, friends and the world. The same way you can browse locks by others.

Environmentally friendly

Spread the love in a way that is clean for the environment and safe for the esthetics of the structures.

About is inspired by the physical love locks around the world and provides purely virtual padlocks. We do not offer any physical padlocks.

Be aware that the placement of physical love locks in the real world, although a very nice romantic gesture, may not always be a good idea. Some city administrations have banned their placement and may take your padlocks down. The locks can damage the constructions on which they are placed and harm their esthetics.

Note that here, as in the real love locks, whatever you write on your lock will be visible to others.

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